Enjoy varied activities

only a few kilometers around the Farm of Kerscuntec

On the border of two communes, when you stay at Kerscuntec Farm in Finistère Sud, you will benefit from the “wild and authentic Brittany” of Bigouden and the “seaside and touristy Brittany” of Fouesnant.

You will realise very quickly that you must only travel a few kilometres from Kerscuntec Farm in order to discover a vast variety of countryside.

Fraises rouges savoureuses baies noires comestibles

Come and discover the markets in Bigouden and Fouesnantais.

Let yourself be enchanted by the smells of cider, cured hams and pancakes. Let yourself be charmed by the colours and strange shapes of the crustaceans, crayfish, pink clams from Glenan, or shellfish…

The colours, smells and appearance of our fishermen create a fantastic atmosphere!

So don’t forget to take the dates of the markets into account, when planning your holiday.

Pont l’Abbé : Friday
Bénodet : Monday
Sainte-Marine : Wednesday
Fouesnant : Friday
Concarneau : Friday
La Forêt Fouesnant : Sunday
Quimper : Wednesday and Saturday

Panier légumes tomates tomates cerises brocoli carottes poivrons

Along the coast, and in land, there is so much to discover.

Discover the wild coast of the south of Finistère, the Brittany lighthouses, the dunes, the dolmens, the prehistoric sites, the religious statues and the chapels.

From Kerscuntec Farm, you benefit from direct access to foot and cycle paths.

On leaving Kerscuntec Farm, in Combrit Sainte Marine :

Tour de Sainte Marine
6 km – 1h30

Bois et rivière de l’Odet
12 km – 3 h

Campagne, polder et plage de l’Ile Tudy
10 km – 2h30

A small personal recommendation: The outing that I prefer is along Kermor beach. You leave the house, cross the polder (20 mins) and arrive on Kermor beach, then after 35 mind of walking you arrive at the port de l’Ile Tudy. Dipping your toes into the water is pure bliss.

In Bigouden

All through Bigouden, numerous different walks and trails allow you to roam around our villages, ports and coast. What luck that the GR 34 follows the length of the coast to the Pont l’Abbé: the little port at Sainte-Marine, passing by Lesconil, then la Pointe de la Torche, finally reaching the Pointe du Raz which provides stunning panoramic views.

For the less outdoorsy, the PR (petit randonnées), ideal for a family, are well trodden routes generally in a loop, meaning you start and finish in the same place.

Port de Pont l'Abbé

In Pont-l’Abbé :
– By the port, a lovely towpath leads you towards an unnamed river, and is an enchanting excursion: pine trees, old mills where numerous birds nest and a beautiful landscape which has been shaped by the tide… Signposts mark out the rivers and help you come to terms with all the plants and wildlife.

Port de Lesconil

The little port of Lesconil :
– You’ll be overcome by the charm of this little, perfectly preserved port. You can amble along the Ster river in search of a grey heron, egret or curlew. In the depths of the path, you’ll also discover a manor (privately owned), a bread oven and a fountain.

Chapelle de Saint-jean-trolimon Tronoen

Saint-Jean-Trolimon :
– An explosion of colour inviting you to wander at the heart of its flowers, during spring in Tronoën near to la Torche.

In fouesnantais

La pointe de Beg Meil

From Cap-Coz bay to la pointe de Beg-Meil :
– Superb walk at low tide along this coastal path between Cap Coz and Beg Meil, with pretty coves on one side and grand castles on the other, along with a view of Concarneau.
– You can also do this excursion by kayak, from the edge of the sea, letting yourself drift along, admiring the birds and having breaks in the crystal clear coves and then rejoining Beg-Meil… a truly wonderful experience.

Mer blanche de Fouesnant

La mer blanche :
– This is something between a lagoon and ocean, that runs poker straight for 4km. This is a unique landscape where the sea enters through a narrow gut and floods the marshes according to the rhythm of the tide.

Marais de Mousterlin, site naturel protégé situé sur la commune de Fouesnant

Le polder de Mousterlin :
– A former marsh that has gradually become a polder. La pointe de Mousterlin is the most natural part of Fouesnantais. A countryside that constantly surprises on both sides of this rocky lip which points towards the sea. Here again, at the foot of the dune there are beautiful beaches.
– Don’t miss the nature walks of Lulu, the nature guide of the station. She will take you to the edge of the flats at Cap-Coz (a veritable bird haven), along by Penfoulic pond or Mousterlin polder, as far as the large marshes.

Ile de Saint-Nicolas, Archipel des Glénan

L’archipel des Glénan :
– Today, this is the most popular destination for water sports in Brittany and valued by day trippers for the richness of its landscape. In April, the Narcisse des Glenan (protected species of flower) springs up on the ile St Nicolas. To get there, take the speedboat from Odet.

During your stay at Kerscuntec Farm, we place maps and other guides at your disposal in order to help you plan your excursions.  

Parcours de golf de qualité en Bretagne

In Brittany there are many excellent golf courses, both by the sea and in land. Here is a selection of some of them situated close to Kerscuntec Farm.

Golf de Quimper-Cornouaille

Manoir du Mesmeur
29940 La Forêt Fouesnant
Tel : 02 98 56 97 09
Fax : 02 98 56 86 81
Just a few minutes south of Quimper, the Golf de Quimper-Cornouaille is a little corner of paradise tucked away by a branch of the sea which rejoins Concarneau Bay.
Golf de Quimper-Cornouaille

Golf de Kerbernez

Route des Châteaux
29700 Plomelin
Tel : 02 98 94 28 31
Fax : 02 98 94 42 22
In a magnificent open space that borders the river Odet, come and discover a welcoming golf course that is open to everybody.
Golf de Kerbernez

Golf de L’Odet

Clohars Fouesnant
29950 Bénodet
Tel : 02 98 54 87 88
Fax : 02 98 54 61 40
Created in 1986, the Golf de l’Odet is a charming course found in the heart of Fouesnantais woodland, a few kilometres south of Quimper and within reach of the very river from which it takes its name – the Odet.
Golf de L’Odet

Golf de l’Orangerie de Lanniron

Château de Lanniron
Allée de Lanniron
29000 Quimper
Tel : 02 98 90 62 02
Fax : 02 98 52 15 56
In the exceptional grounds of Lanniron castle, with ancient trees on the banks of the Odet, this pretty, nine hole course, technical and fun for 30 (3 by 4 and 6 by 3) stretches over 1500m.
Golf de l’Orangerie de Lanniron

Brittany, the centre of well being! Thanks to its thalassotherapy centre, its numerous spas and its unique atmosphere, you will regain strength, optimism and energy.
Just 5km from Kerscuntec Farm there are 2 centres of well being.

Relais Thalasso Bénodet

Corniche de la Plage
29950 Bénodet
Tél : 02 98 66 27 00
Relais Thalasso Bénodet

Beautiful and authentic, the la Cornouaille bretonne offers you the ideal setting for a relaxing and rejuvenating break. Head to the relais thalasso in Bénodet and see for yourself!

Spa L’Escale Saint-Gilles

Corniche de la Mer
29950 Bénodet
Tél : 02 98 57 28 76
Spa L’Escale Saint-Gilles

Randonnées à cheval en Bretagne Sud

Horse riding in the surrounding area – along the sandy beaches and through the woods. Discovering Brittany on horseback is the ultimate happiness.

Centre équestre le Trèfle

Lespern route de treguennec
29720 Ploneour Lanvern
Tel : 02 98 87 78 41
To the West of Quimper, near Penmarc’h, the Centre Equestre Le Trèfle identifies excellent competitors and will take you on excursions between the land and the sea.
Centre équestre le Trèfle

Haras de la Mer Blanche

Chemin de Saint Sébastien
29170 Fouesnant
Port : 06 74 63 58 61
In Fouesnant, near Benodet, le Haras de la Mer Blanche welcomes beginners as well as professionals to their riding school, as well as for pony rides and rambles along the beach.
Haras de la Mer Blanche

Centre équestre Kerbrandy

Lieu dit Kerbrandy
29700 Plomelin
Tel : 0615745993
Situated in the Plomelin commune, very close to Quimper, the club is by the river Odet. It is a magnificent place to walk. Lessons, courses and schools are available, as well as initiation into competitions.
Centre équestre Kerbrandy


Cruises, whether along the river Odet or towards l’Archipel des Glenan, are taken with the Vedettes de l’Odet. Depart from Bénodet.

Cruises on the Odet
Sailing along the Odet, you’ll be able to admire the plants and wildlife amongst the manors and chateaux which are pointed out by a helpful guide. Emile Zola, Jean de la Fontaine and Madame de Sévigné all also came here to soak up the beauty along the banks of the Odet. The boat can also take you to Quimper, where you can then return via Bénodet (currents and dates allowing).

île Saint-Nicolas, île principale de l'archipel des Glénan

Cruises by l’Archipel des Glenan.
In one hour you arrive at l’Archipel des Glenan, on the l’ile Saint Nicolas. After a mere day on this island, you’ll return wondering if it was all a dream. It’s a sunny haven of peace in the middle of the ocean, with white beaches and emerald water… You’ll be reminded of Tahiti. There are numerous surrounding islands: l’ile du Loch, Cigogne, Drenec, Penfret, les Moutons, Bananec, Guéridenn (my favourite). There are several offers available, including catamarans and guided tours. On the ile Saint Nicolas there is also the possibility of hiring kayaks.


In search of space, fine white sand and playing in soft waves…? You have come to the ideal place.
The most beautiful beach is to be found right next to Kerscuntec Farm: Kermor beach.
Around, there are beaches to suit all tastes – the sporty, those who prefer secluded areas, small coves, or more of a family beach.

Here is a list of just some of the different beaches:

For swimming…

In the clear waters of coves

At Beg Meil, between Cap Coz et Beg Meil (Bot Conan)
Plage de Port Manec’h in Nevez
Plage de Kermil in Beg Meil

And for basking on warm sand on large beaches
Kermor in Sainte Marine
Le Treustel in l’Ile Tudy
Plage de Lodonnec in Loctudy

Popular beaches
Plages du ” Trez ” et de ” Saint Gilles ” at Bénodet
Plage des Sables Blancs at Concarneau
Plage du Renouveau, at Kerambigorn, on the dunes at Beg meil
Plage de Mousterlin
Plage du Cap Coz

Naturist beaches
East of Benodet, the plage de ” Kerler ” (between Mousterlin and Mer Blanche)
Between Concarneau et la pointe de Trévignon, plage de Kerouini

For collecting shellfish
L’Ile Chevalier à Pont L’Abbé

Brittany is packed with parks and gardens, where it is wonderful to walk whatever the season…

Château de Lanniron dans le Finistère

The parks and gardens of Château de Lanniron

Allée de Lanniron
29000 Quimper
Tel : 02 98 90 62 02
A 17th century French garden, effortlessly mixing the Italian baroque with French classicism.
Parc et jardins du Château de Lanniron

Parc botanique de Bretagne Sud

Botanical gardens of Cornouaille and Musée des minéraux

29120 Combrit
Tel : 02 98 56 44 93
In a natural setting 4 hectares wide, come and discover this wonderful park with more than 3500 species and varieties of plant, as well as a garden centre and rock museum.
Parc botanique de Cornouaille et Musée des minéraux

Boutiguery dans le Finistère


29950 Gouesnac’h
Tél. 02 98 54 85 95
A 20 hectare park with a spectacular blossoming during spring with more than 30 000 rhododendron and azalea plants.

Château de Trévarez dans le Finistère

Domaine de Trévarez

Chemins du patrimoine en Finistère
29520 Saint-Goazec
Tél. : 02 98 26 82 79
Fax : 02 98 26 86 77
A vital place to visit in Finistère, the chateau, stables and garden are all well worth the detour. Not lacking in excitement all year round: in spring with the camellias, or at Christmas when the chateau is lit up with hundreds of lights…
Domaine de Trévarez

Château de Keriolet dans le Finistère

Château de Keriolet

Tel : 02 98 97 36 50
Just 5 minutes from Concarneau, you’ll be enchanted by the splendour of this castle which resembles the Sheriff of Nottingham’s (Robin Hood’s castle)! It belonged to a Russian princess and is a marvel of 19th century architecture.
Château de Keriolet

Château de Kerazan dans le Finistère

Château de Kerazan

Route de Pont l’Abbé
29750 Loctudy
Tel : 09 65 19 61 57
Castle and grounds of 5 hectares, which has beautiful views between its lawns and flower beds…
Château de Kerazan

Our favourites from amongst the restaurants, bars and cake/sweet shops…


Eating in l’Ile Tudy

“Le Malamok” on the port next to the sea, with fresh and delicious sea food: prawns, shellfish etc…
Bar Restaurant L’estran

Port de Sainte-Marine

Eating in Bénodet

Le Transat à l’embarcadère
L’Alhambra (undoubtedly the prettiest in Bénodet)
Le Café foutu 


Fine dining

La Taupinière in Pont-Aven
La Villa Tri Men, le restaurant les “Trois Rochers” à Sainte Marine
Le Nautile/Les Sables Blancs in Concarneau
L’hôtel de la Pointe in Cap Coz
L’Auberge des Glazicks in Plomodiern
Ar Men Du in Nevez
Le Ti Coz in Quimper
Le Moulin de Rosmadec in Pont Aven
L’Amphitryon in Lorient
L’alium à Quimper

Ville de Quimper

For a drink

La Villa Tri Men in Sainte Marine
L’Alhambra : ideal for having an early evening drink in summer, it’s an exceptional site where you can see the procession of sailing boats returning to the iles des Glenan.
L’épée café mythique in Quimper (in front of the cathedral)
Le 21ème in Quimper
Le “Café de la plage” at the Ile Tudy, amazing view of the sea towards Loctudy.
Café de la cale in Sainte Marine

Yes, that can happen in Brittany… it’s possible to witness in just one day a great variety of weather.

So, if that happens, and if it lasts, here are some nice different options :

Go and pamper yourself in the spa at Bénodet, or swim in their seawater swimming pool.

La Pointe de La Torche ou la Pointe du Raz if you want to feast your eyes on unleashed nature and a raging sea.

Rare species of beautifully coloured plants in the botanical gardens of Cornouaille.

Hide yourself in the cinema at the Cinémarine in Bénodet.

Have fun in the playful swimming pool (toboggans, Jacuzzis) at the Balnéides à Fouesnant.

Be cultivated in the pleasures of former Brittany at the La maison des jeux à Saint jean Trolimon.

Go and become one with the nature and wildlife of 3 gigantic aquariams “Tempéré”, “Tropical” et “Polaire” at the Océanopolis in Brest.

Aquarium d'Océanopolis à Brest

Admire the stunning earthenware works in the faïencerie Henriot.

Try your luck (and win the jackpot?) at the Casino in Bénodet.

Or educate yourself in the museums :
Musée des Beaux Arts in Quimper
Musée Bigouden
Port Musée in Douarnenez
Musée de la pêche in Concarneau

Go and discover the world of fishing, you will be able to get on a boat… watching out for seasickness!

Take photos of the storm.


Visit Locronan, medieval town that is just as charming in the rain.

Go and visit some castles.

Or if not, go and enjoy a delicious salted butter crepe accompanied by a bowl of cider on the port de Sainte Marine, whilst admiring the different stages of the storm. What a feeling!